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KNOXVISION from quick-flick

The usual rules about downloading files apply here. You can right click to download. If you have a slow computer/modem then its going to take a while to download. Please be patient, its worth the wait. If you have broadband then you're flying. These files are best viewed through Windows Media Player and Real One. quick-flick takes no responsibility if your computer gets sick from downloading our files, they're in top notch condition on our site.

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This is our downloads section where you can access movie/video files and also a number of images. Four new video files for you to download. Unfortunately the compression process has left them of a sub -standard quality, but at the moment its the best we can do. There won't be enough room to keep an on-line archive so the files will appear on rotation. As always strange and funny ideas hit you spontaneously, and that's what happened here. Stephen Hall's video file was filmed because the radio was playing 'love hour' music and all the classics were being blasted out of our wind-up radio. It was a perfect and unplanned moment at the Dunney Cottage. We attempted to follow it up with other less funny songs/performances. Bryan's love for his beer, his girlfriend and a strange fascination with an ageing 80s TV star!-Feature in his Whitney Houston video file. Also Jonny Porter gets his own Dr Who style title sequence in a short '5 years on-line' promotion for the site. A KNOX ON ROCKS featurette. With Andy Birrell and Barney and Co in the Mournes in extreme conditions, Birrell gives his trademark 'two fingers' during the title sequence.  All images and video footage belong to quick-flick and copyright laws apply. Once again, sorry about the quality.

Knock knock. Who's there? Doctor...
Jonny Porter's Doctor Who-ified face

ABOVE: The face made into a Doctor Who style which, during the compression process became unregognisable! But now you know what its supposed to look like.

Lets get it on...
Stephen Hall who features in a Marvin Gaye video file

Houston we have a problem
Bryan will always love YOU

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