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Time Warp
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Step Back In Time...

Have a glimpse at how we looked a few years ago on this page with old photos

Plenty of cringe-worthy moments for all of us coming up over the next few months, so keep checking for updates.

A couple of hecklers
Gavin Dickson (Left) and Andrew Craig at a Ventures formal in 1996

A handy picture!
Down in the Dufferin Arms back in 1997 David 'Barney' Jewhurst (Left) and Owen Watters

Enniskillen 1998
Owen Watters (Left) and Bryan Knox just ever so pissed at the 1998 formal

Looks like Fergal Sharky
EURO BRY:Bryan Knox, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris 1994

Spain 1987
1987: Jonny wearing stylish 80s wrap around shades

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Kettler Go-Kart
Christmas 1986: Jonny Porter with his Christmas present

Going for the 'Hard Target' Jean Claude look!
1996: Scouts trip to Finland a picture of 'Foxy' John Chambers (Left) and Ed 'Grubby' Perrin

All the happy campers at CUMBAREE 97 (Below) were from top left to right:
Jonny Porter, Owen Watters, Gareth McCue,
Catherine McCue, David 'Barney' Jewhurst,
Tara Young (Jones), Bryan Knox, Patrick Wheeler
Bottom (L-R) James Smart, Fraser Orr

Wide Awakers!
1997:Pictured at the Great Tower Campsite for CUMBAREE '97

Ahh... Such a pretty face
1982: A young Jonny Porter

'Check' out the shirts!
DUFFERIN ARMS '97: (L-R) Naomi Savage, Peter Irvine, Owen Watters and Gareth McCue

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