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quick-flick TRIVIA: The answer to the question, Who was the first person to appear on quick-flick in 1998, was BARRY SPRATT.

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'ello mah Briteesh Chums!
The logo most identified with quick-flick from 1998

From Hard Drive to Hyper-space

The very first year quick-flick appeared 1996
A 1996 edition of quick-flick

Made to inform, quick-flick was created by Jonny Porter as a noticeboard item for Venture Scouts. quick-flick was never afraid to say what it meant and tried very hard to get the point accross. A recap of previous week's antics and bits of information needed for future events were what made up the pages of quick-flick. Eventually another version called 'Clap-Trap' was produced to keep people interested in reading it. In 1998, however, things were stepped up. Discussions between Jonny Porter and Owen Watters took place and a failed attempt to create Clap-Trap on-line became an opportunity to use the well known 'quick-flick' title and it has remained here ever since-of course several web hosts later. It hasn't been easy, with limited technology at first, and no HTML experience but I hope that quick-flick still remains fun to read and the content is fresh. 2003 is our 5th on-line birthday and we're having a party, details of which are coming up in the new year.

1998 edition
Formal excitement in this extract from 1998

A load of old Clap-Trap
Another version called 'Clap-Trap' from April 1999

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