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Rainbow colours, man

What does it mean? Nobody knows and nobody cares

Fuddleslop, the page that's just a little bit odd.

Ball freezing
An icile shaped like a cock. See sophisticated computer graphic outlining it, below

thin red line
A close up of the icicle testicles

Don't take the Pis-cou!
Bryan in the Chamonix spreads his legs on the Piscou

Rock, till you drop!(Literally)
Mer de Glace, Bryan gets edgy!

ABOVE: Mer de Glace, Bryan stands at the edge of a drop. Bryan couldn't see and therefore Birrell had to let him know where the edge was.
BELOW: A close up of Bryan from the same photo.

Mind the gap!

Ice to see you to see you...Ice!
A couple of dummies

ABOVE: This Morning presenter John Leslie (Left) and BBC presenter Angus Deayton pack bags of 'snow' before heading back to Britain in September 02, in the Grotte de Mer de Glace.
BELOW: This Morning celebrity chef Phil Vickery who was also there. (But was in no way connected with Deayton or Leslie)

Yes, I am married to Fern Britton!
Iced Fingers

Chamonix pictures by Andy Birrell

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