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As promised here are more pictures from Bryan and Birrell's fabulous trip to the Chamonix. The excitement mounts as we plan our trip for 2003. To celebrate
quick-flick's 5 years on-line we are making special T-Shirts to coincide with the Chamonix trip in September 2003. Watch this space for updates!

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Chamonix 2002 Special
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Bry and Birrell

More pictures featuring Bryan Knox and Andy Birrell from their trip to France.

Bunk off
Bunkhouse called 'Gite Le Vagabond' run by two Irish blokes.

Chamonix Map
The green arrows indicate the areas featured in the 'Knox on rocks' sections of quick-flick

It's Birrell!
Andy Birrell on the glacier

Some other folks climbing on Mer De Glace

Picture by Bryan Knox
Prints of darkness
BEAUTIFUL IMAGE: Andy Birrell steps forward leaving a trail of footsteps in the snow

charge Birrell, charge!
VERTICAL LIMIT: Andy Birrell close to the edge

top form
Andy Birrell climbing on the 'vipers' area of Les Gaillands in Chamonix.

BELOW: In the Grotte de Mer de Glace, another picture (this time in colour) of this disappointing 'Touristy' attraction.

Picture by Bryan Knox
Oooh a cave!

pretty edgy!
DROP IN: Birrell in a close crop of the picture on the left

Ondie Birrell
Another pic of Andy Birrell on a climb on the 'vipers' area.

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