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Extreme Bry


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Don't try this stuff at home.

I saw the sign

By Bryan Knox

This is the page where all the truly daring stuff happens! You know, getting up early to set the video for Supermarket Sweep, taking two bottles into the shower etc. etc. you will find nothing but groundbreaking stuff here! In this edition of Extreme Bry we bring you THE most daring extreme sport ever...EVER! Keep checking this page for more updates, and remember, live life on the edge ( or at least fairly close to it anyway) Also pictured are myself and Stevie who ventured up Ott Mountain for some 'Nightime Navigation Fun™'.The fog was so bad we couldn't even tell if we were on the track or not! Luckily, we had Stevie 'Mountain Rescue Boy' with his amazing navigation skills (and a GPS!). You'll be pleased to know we both survived! Any (constructive) comments to:

Stout Fellow
EXTRA COLD: Extreme Guinness drinking

Can It!

I'm straight 'onest guv

No See Bry
Bryan standing (somewhere) on Ott Mountain, round by Spelga way.

poor visibilty
Stevie poses for quick-flick in the fog

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